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An end-to-end digital pathway that supports collaboration between wealth & asset managers, familiy offices, innovation hubs and incubators, funds, administrators and investors, across the investment lifecycle.

Phundex streamlines and simplifies transactions and processes in a central platform to improve efficiency, reduce operational risk and enable real-time collaboration across all stakeholders. Customers’ use fully customisable transaction pathways to structure their transaction management and administration processes.

These transaction pathways are linked to a single source of data and documents and captures as required for customer processes, simplifying data gathering and analysis for reporting. User permissions ensure each stakeholder has access to only the information they need, when they need it, leading to improved due diligence and information governance.

Market Opportunity

The VC market’s total funding hit $130 Bn in 2020, a 14% YoY increase in the US alone. ​

The Family Office market revenue was $11B in 2019 and will reach $16.7B in 2025, with a CAGR of 7.09% during 2020-2025

The global professional services market size is expected to grow from $5.03 trillion in 2020 to $5.43 trillion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7%

In Jersey and Guernsey alone, there are ~800 Funds with NAV of £361 bn (Jersey) at June 2020 and ~832 Funds   with NAV of £246 bn (Guernsey) at the end of 2020, 486 regulated funds services business & 809 trust services businesses Jersey), and 686 investment licensees (Guernsey)

There are+15K active government incubators, +10K accelerator programs and ~286K campus accelerators globally;

Horizon Europe has committed to invest Euro 95.5 Bn in research and innovation start-ups between 2021 and 2027

We are focusing on B2B customers in the financial and professional services fields first, where we have extensive experience

Our team, advisors and partners have an extensive network of potential clients across these user types. In addition to targeted “warm client prospect lists”, we will focus sales & marketing and social media campaigns on specific user types and how they can benefit by using Phundex.

Achievements to date

Phundex has co-created beta platforms in collaboration with clients and tested the market requirements with numerous other foundational clients who span the range of our target clients. Users are providing feedback on the Showcases at the end of each sprint of the build of Phundex 1.0 to ensure functionality meets client expectation.

Initial Incubator

Our initial co-creator university incubator in Canada has been using the beta innovation management system for a year.

Functionality Trials

A second, larger incubator with three affiliated VC’s is trialling both the beta innovation management & administration and management platforms, assessing how best to leverage the functionality as part of their educational, start-up and VC eco-systems.

Law Firms Testing

The London offices at two international law firms are testing transaction management on the beta platform.

Venture Capital Testing

A Cambridge, UK based VC is using the beta platform and will champion it to other VCs and Angel Networks and investors.

Family Office Testing

Two family offices are using the beta platform to manage their portfolio and transaction management.

Fund Testing

Two funds in formation are testing their process requirements on the beta platform.

Go-to-Market Strategy

We focus on B2B customers in the financial and professional services fields first, where we have extensive experience. Our team, advisors and partners have a vast network of potential clients
across these user types.

In addition to targeted prospective client lists, we focus our sales, marketing and social media campaigns on our designated target markets and how they can benefit by using Phundex.

We will focus on the online marketing campaign and direct email contacts with our existing client network across the various user groups.

Investor Opportunity

In research and development for the past two years, Phundex has been funded to date by our Founder.  We recently negotiated loan financing to commence the build of Phundex 1.0.

We are now looking for  £1.5m / USD2m for the next 12 months (Horizon 1), enabling us to build out Phundex 1.0, the initial build of our highly extensible Platform with some integration features. 

We are working with Foundational Clients to enhance the functionality of the existing beta platform and focus on user experience and reporting requirements.

A further £1.5 m/USD2m for the subsequent 12-month period (Horizon 2) will enable us to develop additional functionality, API connectivity and an enhanced reporting capability, all as add-ons to upsell clients. 

The Founder has a flexible investment approach, including debt, equity, partnership and joint venture opportunities.

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